Developed to help patients measure the range of motion in their knee within seconds, alongside physiotherapy treatment, using a simple wearable device and supported by a smart mobile app



Improved accuracy on recovery
Feeling more engaged
Reduces time spent measuring progress during appointments = more physiotherapy time


Step 1: Place your order
Purchase or subscribe to the Bodii Flex (pricing options below) via our online store – If you choose subscription, please note the device must be returned to us after use. Read our FAQ’s for more information
Step 2: Receive your device
We’ll send you the device with instructions on how to use and set up
Step 3: Setup
Download the free Bodii app to set up the device and manage your account
Step 4: Placing the device
Place the device on your shin, anywhere between the knee and foot, by using the wearable strap provided
Step 5: Measure and review progress
Track your progress using the Bodii app, available on your preferred app stores now!
Step 6: Return your device
If you are on a subscription, once you’ve finished with the device, send it back to us via our free returns policy and we will cancel your subscription



Subscribe for


Typically we advise an 8 week subscription to support you during the most progressive stages of recovery.



If you’d prefer to purchase the device instead of using our subscription service, prices start at £99. This is an ideal option for physiotherapists to use the Bodii Flex as an alternative to a Goniometer within a clinic


The Bodii Flex
Wearable attachment
Charging ports
Free access to our mobile app
Unlimited 24/7 support from the Bodii team


What is the Bodii Device?
Our clever team at Bodii have developed a device designed to work collaboratively with physiotherapy treatment to help track patient progress in between appointments. Resulting in less time manually tracking progress and more time focusing on treatment. Bodii Flex accurately monitors the range of motion in their knee during the first 6-8 weeks following a related injury or procedure.
Who is this device for?
The Bodii Flex is specifically designed for patients who have had a recent knee injury and are beginning their recovery journey. The device allows both Physiotherapists/sports therapists and their patients to accurately and effectively monitor the range of motion in their knee during the first 6-8 weeks recovery. Bodii aims to get users back to their pre-injury state quickly and safely
How does it work?
After placing the device on the patient’s shin (anywhere between their knee and foot), and beginning the programme within the Bodii app, the user will be prompted to complete a movement. The sensor will then capture readings at the start and end of the movement and process the data to provide the total range of motion. Results will be available in the app, where both physiotherapists and patients can view progress over time.
How much does it cost?

The Bodii Flex will cost £9 per week as part of the subscription package. This includes all attachments, charging ports and free access to our mobile app.

If you’d prefer to own the device yourself, or you are a physiotherapist it is available to purchase for £99.

How long will my order take to deliver?

The team will ship your order within the week following your purchase. The subscription start date will commence 7 days following your purchase. Orders will aim to arrive within 2-3 working days.

How do I send the device back?
To return the device after your subscription period has ended, simply email us at to let us know you’re leaving and we will send you a free returns label. Package the Bodii Device and attachments up and send it back to us.

Return to:

57 Jordan St,


L1 0BW

Please ensure this is done within a week of your subscription ending.

What happens if I don’t send the device back?
If the device isn’t returned to us, we will request a full payment of £229.

If you are having difficulty returning your device, please contact us as soon as possible

How do I cancel my subscription?
We’re sorry to see you go!

Please contact our customer service team on to cancel your subscription. Got feedback?

Please contact us and tell us more!

How do I cancel my order?
Please contact our customer service team by emailing and a refund will be issued.

Got feedback? Please contact us and tell us more!


Send us a message and we will respond as soon as possible. Or, email us at


A member of our team will be in touch to answer your query as soon as possible