Bodii Flex Step by Step Instructions

Product Introduction

Thank you for choosing Bodii as your recovery partner. Please note, that Bodii is an early stage startup that we expect to grow into the ultimate recovery companion. Our vision is to make technologies that facilitate better patient outcomes and more effective practices. We make quality rehabilitation accessible and improve #JointMovement.

The Bodii Flex is the output of months of scoping and development and we are pleased to have you join us!

Included in the box

You will find:

  • USB charging cable
  • 2 sensors (both with serial numbers
  • 2 wearable straps
  • User Guide
  • Charging Dock

Charging the device

  • Put the sensors into the corresponding slot in the charging box ( ‘L’ for left sensor, ‘R’ for right sensor), connect the charging box and the adaptor with USB cable. The red and green light flashing alternately means the sensor is in charging state, when the green light stays on means the sensor is fully charged.

Button and Indicator Description

  1. Short press the power button to turn on the device, the green light will start to flash. Short press the power button again to turn off the sensor, the sensor will turn off after the green and blue light flash alternately for several time.
  2. When the green light flashes, it means Bluetooth is not connected, when the blue light flashes means Bluetooth is connected.
  3. When the red light flashes, the battery is running low.
  4. The red and green light will flash alternately while charging. After fully charged, the green light will stay on

Download the App

  • Access your preferred app store on the Google or Apple Stores and search for “Bodii”
  • Download this to your device

Connect Device to the App

  1. Open the Bodii App (Requires Bluetooth to be turned on on your phone) to connect the sensor.
  2. Short press the power button to turn on the device (indicator light flashing).
  3. In the App paring list, select the corresponding IDto for pairing,
  4. After connected successfully, you will see the battery level

Wearing the Device

Wearing the sensor correctly will maximum the accuracy for the device. Follow the images below.

Once the sensor is inserted into the strap, wear it around our leg, facing forward between your shin and foot.

User Flow Instructions

After connecting to the device:

  1. Choose from a selection of 4 exercises; A. Leg Extension (Long sitting – supine), B. Knee Bend (Lie on Front – prone), C. Leg Extension (Seated), D. Foot to Bum (Long Sitting – supine)
  2. Once Selected, the animation will demonstrate a start and finish position. Click “I’m Ready” once understood
  3. Ensure you use the same positioning each time for accurate results
  4. Follow the instruction and click the button to take the first recording
  5. Immediately follow the next instruction and click the button to take the second recording
  6. Your result will now be displayed at the top of the screen
  7. You may now click “New Measurement” to take another
  8. You may also click the small boxes to select a number of results that you can download as a dashboard to your phone. Click the “share” button and then “save”
  9. It will be available in your phone downloads


  • IOS ios 9.0 version and above, iphone 5 and above.
  • Any Bluetooth 4.0 enabled Android device with
    Android 4.3 and above


The information provided in this manual is for informational purposes only, and the device are subject to change without notice because of the manufacturer’s continuous research and development.